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The Return of the Iconic Brands

How two, iconic brands, the Jaguar and the Land Rover have made a spectacular comeback with its new Indian owners, a German CEO and the best of British design and manufacturing tradition to back it. Not only has Ratan Tata saved these two representatives of pinnacle British design through his personal conviction and confidence in them but he has made them serious competitors to the world’s premium car brands.

It was in 2008, that Tata Motors Ltd acquired Jaguar Land Rover and by the end of financial year 2013 had a gross profit of around 2.6 billion pounds! Their profit margin of 13.7% is reported to be much higher than that of Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Full-year retail sales stood at over 425,000 vehicles, a growth of 19% in all the major regions of the world, with new records set in 38 markets, including Russia, Brazil, Korea and Canada.

Dr Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, while commenting on his company’s sales performance, has said: “2013 has proven to be a very positive year for Jaguar Land Rover thanks to continuing strong demand for vehicles across the range. Our unrelenting focus on design, technology, innovation and quality has seen Jaguar Land Rover reach global consumers in more markets than ever before thanks to its most desirable product line-up, enriched further in 2013 by the Jaguar F-TYPE and the all-new Range Rover Sport.”

The Jaguar is the fastest growing brand in Germany, India and the USA. Little wonder, that the Jaguar Land Rover’s new and enhanced stable of products received around 195 Awards in 2013, with the Jaguar receiving 80 awards for its most decorated model, the F-TYPE, which also earned the World Car Design of the Year, Germany’s most prestigious award! Other awards of note, have been, the Golden Steering Wheel award for the Cabriolet & Coupe category and BBC’s Top-Gear magazine’s Convertible of the Year. J.D. Power has named Jaguar as UK’s number one automotive brand in the vehicle ownership satisfaction survey (VOSS) and the highest ranking manufacturer among luxury brands in the US J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction Index Study (SSI).

It is said that their global sales success have been driven in large measure to the range of new and award winning product introductions that have delighted their customers. It is their rich heritage of innovation and engineering excellence that has been carried through by their present set of world-class people.

Finally, it is not just their customers who are delighted in their most successful ever vehicle line-up, even journalists the world-over, have bestowed around 200 awards for their vehicles in 2013. The Jaguar F-TYPE, being their star performer, receiving more than 59 accolades.

A clear demonstration that the Jaguar Land Rover’s focus on designing, building and delivering vehicles of excellence have far surpassed customer expectations. Even, their     Ad-Spot in the recent Super Bowl final in the US had them making a classy, confident statement.


Nation Branding, Innovation and World Export Leadership

Nation Branding, Innovation and World Export Leadership

Ugesh Joseph is the author of The ‘Made in Germany’ Champion Brands book published by Gower in 2014

Professor Derek A. Newton is credited with suggesting that there are four ages of selling; the music man, animated catalogue, magic formula and finally problem-solver.  However, are we now in the fifth age of selling-social?

Dale Roberts, co-author of Decision Sourcing, explains how the internet and social media has put the customer fully in the driving seat, forcing marketing and sales to evolve into the fifth age of selling.

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decision sourcing

As one of the baby boomer generation, I freely admit that sometimes I have struggled to keep up with the mindset of Generation Xers, let alone the newest generations that have followed, so I found Alexander Manu’s thought piece on how brands can engage the Millennnial Generation a great source of enlightenment – not least because I am beginning to understand and embrace some of the concepts such as gamification to which he alludes. If you are involved in any aspect of brand management, marketing or design, do take a moment to read it. Alexander Manu’s new book Behavior Space: Play, Pleasure and Discovery as a Model for Business Value is published in December.

Bob Garlick (Business Book Talk) chats with Gloria Moss about this fascinating subject and delves  into the root causes of the differences between men and women.

“We find out some amazing stuff, including the fact that men don’t see as many colours as women. The research in this book is topnotch and I see this book becoming a standard for anyone who needs to understand the importance of designing for specific demographics. A must-read for marketers, advertisers, HR managers, and even game developers. “

Gloria is the author of Gender, Design and Marketing

Billed as a day of ‘Intensive Learning for Senior Marketers’ the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Six Great Minds is an imaginative and ambitious event for Chartered Marketers and Fellows of the Institute. The day (Friday 16th March) brings together in London, six authors whose books offer perspectives on some of the most significant, current, strategic issues including social business, complexity, leadership, innovation, commoditization and risk. The good news for those of you who are not Chartered Marketers or Fellows is that, whilst you may not attend the event, you can access the ‘great minds’ via their books. Even better news; between now and 1st March, you can use the following discount code: G11GBN25 to buy these books from the Gower website at 25% discount on the list price.
The six great minds are:
Donal O’Connell – Harvesting External Innovation
Chris Mowles – Rethinking Management
John Rayment – Misleadership
Niall Cook – Enterprise 2.0
Andrew Holmes – Commoditization and the Strategic Response
David Abrahams – Brand Risk

Niall Cook (author of Enterprise 2.0 and The Business Marketeer’s Guide to Social Media) has moved to a new company, from Hill and Knowlton. The new consultancy is called Sociagility and, as the name suggests, their work is designed to enable organizations to become socially agile. I have a natural reticence towards neologisms [new, created words] but in this case, I am confident that the concept of social agility will garner both corporate interest and, I suspect, some research interest too. The fact that the new company includes Niall along with Tony Burgess-Webb already lends credence to this new perspective.

Mary-Lee Sachs is facilitating a webinar hosted by the PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) 3-4 pm EDT on July 14th on The Changing MO of the CMO. If you ever doubted the scale of the revolution that is taking in place in marketing and communications … and if you want to make sense of where it will take your organization, then do sign up for this free webinar. You can find more details of exactly what she will be covering on the PRSA website, along with the process for registering. MaryLee Sachs is author of Gower’s The Changing MO of the CMO, which is out this month.

MaryLee Sachs talks on film about some of the key elements of a modern marketing campaign. Her interview includes advice on, amongst other topics, how to reach the consumer, how to design a campaign, and how to integrate traditional and new media in your marketing. MaryLee is author of Gower’s The Changing MO of the CMO. Well worth a look and a listen!


Gunter Umbach (Successfully Marketing  Clinical Trial Results) has made a series of 28 audio programmes based on his book. The good news is that you may listen to or download the programmes for free from his website. There’s everything here from Making the best use of language, Designing charts and diagrams to Developing a project strategy.

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