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The trouble with technology is that whilst it enables business, it also enables those clever and unethical criminals who seek to exploit business for their own gain. Mobile devices, wireless networks and cloud computing combine to present a formidable fraud control challenge. Mark Johnson’s article in Fraud Intelligence outlines the risks and suggests a response strategy. Mark Johnson is author of the forthcoming Demystifying Communications Risk: A Guide to Revenue Risk Management in the Communications Sector.

The second of Glenn Remoreras’ blog posts about cloud computing highlights the factors that are encouraging businesses to adopt the new technology; another short, sharp readable piece of advice on what, for me (and many others, I suspect), remains a new and unknown frontier. Glenn Remoreras is author of the forthcoming Gower book: Building a Brand for IT.

The trouble with new ideas – such as Cloud Computing – is that they burst on the scene and in a very short space of time we assume everyone knows what they are for and why. I suspect that there are plenty of managers out there who’d really welcome a pithy introduction to the subject and for that I direct you to the Series of three blog posts on Glen Remoreras’ site, this first one of which is entitled Leveraging the Cloud. Glenn Remoreras is author of the forthcoming Gower book Building a Brand for IT.

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