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I really enjoyed Douglas Board’s interview with Bob Garlick on the recent Business Book Talk. It’s extraordinarily demoralising, when we are all struggling to create a new future in an uncertain business world, to see those selected and paid to lead us so often seem to have feet of clay. Douglas’ insights into executive selection offer some pragmatic ways of changing by understanding and embracing the uncertainty and complexity it involves. If we adopt the kind of approaches he is advocating in the place of the old, self-perpetuating ones, I wonder to what extent this would change both the quality of our leaders and the culture of leadership which they enable? Douglas Board is author of Choosing Leaders and Choosing to Lead: Science, Politics and Intuition in Executive Selection.

I like to make sure we balance stories about success and failure in the blog, so that it doesn’t simply become a digital Cassandra. But there are very useful articles out there on the causes of project failure and Howard Hills research report 33 Reasons Why e-Learning Project Fail is a case in point. I recommend it to trainers and e-learning developers alike. Although it’s ostensibly about project failure there is a raft of pragmatic (and rigorous) advice to ensure project success, so it’s not all doom and gloom. Howard Hills is author of Team-Based Learning and Individual Preferences in e-Learning

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