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Gower Author Gary Lloyd regularly writes on his double Loop blog. 

Here is the beginning of his latest post but do pop along to Double Loop to read more.

Gary Lloyd

When I tell people that I specialise in Lean Project Management,    they often ask:

“Is that the same as Agile?”


“Is that a version of Agile?”

My answer is:

 “It could be but usually it isn’t”

One could get drawn into a long discussion, comparing and contrasting the 5 Principles of Lean Thinking and the 12 principles behind the Agile Manifesto but let’s be honest, it would be pretty boring.

So what, in my experience, differentiates Lean Project Management from most Agile implementations?

The key difference is that most Agile implementations are based on the “push” of requirements, rather than the “pull” of business value.

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Uncertainty is one of the big challenges for the modern leader; traditional styles of leadership really don’t prepare you for your role or how to communicate in the face of the unknown. Kay Remington (author of Gower Publishing’s Tools for Complex Projects and Leading Complex Projects) is leading a one-hour webinar on the 8th December for the UK branch of the PMI on precisely this topic. I encourage you to take part!

Projects without Boundaries is the second of a series of virtual conferences hosted by The Virtual Business School, on 12th October, in the ‘The Qube’. I will be taking part and if you are interested in the next generation of project working or simply want to experience the virtual environment of the Qube, then do check it out. At the last virtual conference (Innovation Without Boundaries), I found myself chatting to people ‘face-to-face’ (via my avatar) who were logging in from Istanbul, Italy, Soutern France, indeed all over the world. The Qube is such an appropriate medium for exploring virtual project working. You do need to experience it to understand just how extraordinary it is.

So what does that say for the way we run projects and, more importantly, the way we develop project leaders? Brenda Hale and Donnie MacNicol’s article argues for a radically different approach to leadership development and suggest that, if organizations are dependent on project management success then perhaps this is an opportunity to shift the focus of their investment. Donnie MacNicol is Director Team Animation, Chair of the People-Specific APM Special Interest Group and author of the forthcoming Gower book, Developing Project Leadership.

There are seven fundamental things that every senior executive should know and understand about project risk management and David Hulett describes them clearly and succinctly in this article. If you are an executive, print off a copy and pin it to your wall, if you are a project manager, print off a copy and give it to the members of your project board and any other senior executives with whom you have influence. David Hulett is author of Practical Schedule Risk Analysis and, the forthcoming, Integrated Cost-Schedule Risk Analysis.

…we think the Advances in Project Management Series books are excellent value and incredibly authoritative. We’re not the only ones – do read this independent review of Project-Oriented Leadership by here’s a snippet: ‘In a remarkably succinct 89 pages, Müller and Turner review an astonishing depth of evidence, supported by their own (published) research which challenges many of the commonly held assumptions not only about project management, but about what makes for successful leaders.’

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