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I am delighted to say that the virtual journal, PMWorld is back after a month or two’s absence while the site was redesigned. If you have not used the jounal yet, I thoroughly recommend it as a source of free, independent and very good quality articles, case studies, reviews and reports on the whole world of project management. The highlights of Volume 1 Issue 1, from our perspective are: an article by Waffa Karkukly on  the PMO Lifecycle; our Series Editor, Professor Darren Dalcher, on the risks of overstating benefits; Stephen Jenner on the fundamentals of project realization; and David Hillson’s thought-proving article ‘Kill the Risk Manager’. In the book reviews section, there are reviews of two Gower books: No Waste and Project Psychology.

Waffa Kakukly is author of the forthcoming Managing the PMO Lifecycle; Stephen Jenner is author of Transforming Government and Public Services; David Hillson is author of a clutch of Gower titles, including Managing Risk in Projects.

Most projects have two factors in common i.e. they involve people and they bring about change. These two factors are fundamental to the success of any project yet they are given only scant reference in the ‘models’ of project management.

The psychology of managing people and change is increasingly emerging as a significant success factor in project management. In Wellingtone’s Project Management Blog Sharon De Mascia offers a plan to ensure you pay these factors sufficient attention.

Sharon De Mascia is the Director of a business psychology consultancy by the name of ‘Cognoscenti’. She is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and a member of the Chartered Institute of People and Development. She is also Prince2 qualified. She is a visiting Lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University and a Supervisor on the global MBA at Manchester Business School.  De Mascia is the author of Project Psychology published by Gower.

Gower author and Chartered Business Psychologist Sharon De Mascia has recently been writing and commenting in the press. De Mascia has commented in The Guardian on depression at work and issues of mental health in the workplace. She has also been advising businesses on how they can manage change in these uncertain times.

Sharon De Mascia is a Chartered Business Psychologist and a HR/HRD professional. She has extensive project management experience and is Prince2 qualified as well as being an experienced coach. Sharon has 20 years experience of delivering change management and other organisational initiatives across both public and private sectors. Sharon is an assessor for the British Psychological Society and the Health Professions Council, and an examiner for the International Baccalaureate in Psychology. She is also the Director of ‘Cognoscenti’, a business psychology consultancy.

Sharon De Mascia’s book Project Psychology is out this month.

There is plenty of research, as well as books and conferences on employee engagement but not a great deal out there to help employers with the flipside: ‘Presenteeism’. Sharon De Mascia has been involved in a useful discussion paper, published by Business in the Community and The Centre for Mental Health, which provide a great place to start. Sharon is a author of Project Psychology: Using Psychological Models and Techniques to Create a Successful Project, published by Gower and out in December.

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