We have never produced a round up of our books on this blog and so I am listing the latest batch to show how wide and diverse our expert authors range – so do keep following this blog because there will be a link/article or extract of interest to you.

New Demographics New Workspace – how we plan design and equip offices says a great deal about an organisation.

Making Ecopreneurs – what distinguishes green entrepreneurs from others?

The Business of Europe is Politics – it is essential that leaders of industry and finance within the EU know what is going on.

The Guide to Learning and Study Skills – guidance for students on learning within a blended environment.

Project Oriented Leadership – projects need leaders who can give them vision and identity, and keep stakeholders on board.

Complex Adaptive Leadership – a broader approach to leadership is needed in increasing uncertain times.

Disruptive Business – creating innovation outcomes of value to others.

A Short Guide to Customs Risk – is exactly what it says on the tin!