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I am proud to count John Gattorna amongst our authors (Dynamic Supply Chain Alignment, Handbook of Supply Chain Management, Strategic Supply Chain Alignment and Supply Chain Cybermastery). He is one of the consistently most requested speakers on the conference circuit and one of the highest rated commentators on developing supply chain practice.  If you have the opportunity to hear him speak, I urge you to take it. Over the next few months, John will be speaking at: the Manufacturing Supply Chain Officer Summit in Shanghai (today and tomorrow); delivering the post-conference workshop ‘Designing and Implementing New Age Supply Chains’, following Centaur’s Extended Supply Chain 2011 Conference on 7th April; presenting at the Supply Chain Asia Forum 2011 in September; talking on network design at the Llamasoft 2011 Summer Conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan in June. For details of other events, visit John’s own website http://www.johngattorna.com/