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‘Risk Doctor‘ David Hillson will be attending the PMI Dublin Congress on 9-11 May and presenting a paper on “Risk Energetics”, based on chapter seven of  his book Managing Risk in Projects.Managing Risk in Projects

To give a taster – The full version of Chapter two ‘risk and projects’ can be read here.

 Projects are risky undertakings, and modern approaches to managing projects recognise the central need to manage the risk as an integral part of the project management discipline. Managing Risk in Projects places risk management in its proper context in the world of project management and beyond, and emphasises the central concepts that are essential in order to understand why and how risk management should be implemented on all projects of all types and sizes, in all industries and in all countries. 

 ”This is risk management that recognises and works with the complexity of business strategy and decision making…This is a practical book and a serious introduction to the area of risk management in projects.’ – Carol Long, MCQI CQP, Quality World

‘…this is in fact a little gem of a book, bursting with information on every page…I believe there is a wide audience for this book, ranging from those governing projects through to those managing and supporting projects. Anyone interested in implementing or improving their current approach to risk would also find this guide a useful addition to their library.’ – John Fisher, Risk Management Professional