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Five Gower authors are presenting at the PMI Congress in Dublin (9th-11th May), they are:

David Hillson – Risk Energetics: Developing Renewable and Sustainable Risk Management. David is author of Exploiting Future Uncertainty, Managing Risk in Projects, Managing Group Risk Attitude, and Understanding and Managing Risk Attitude.

Lynda Bourne – Advising Upwards: Helping Your Managers Help You. Lynda is author of Advising Upwards and Stakeholder Relationship Management.

Michel Thiry – What Does Your Future Look Like? Michel is author of Program Management.

Michael Cavanagh – Second Order Project Management. Michael is author of the book of the same name.

Penny Pullan – The Seven Secrets of Successful Virtual Meetings. Penny is author of A Short Guide to Facilitating Risk Management.

If they present as engagingly as they write, these will be enjoyable, rigorous and thought-provoking sessions.

 Stakeholder Relationship ManagementProgram ManagementExploiting Future UncertaintyManaging Risk in Projects