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Celebrating launching a Plan for the Planet, 7th July, 2011, 7.30pm – 9.30pm  

St James Centre, Gerrards Cross, will be hosting a celebration of the launch of the Plan for the Planet – including the book written by Ian Chambers and John Humble. The evening will feature both an overview of the key global challenges we are facing – including global population, sustainable energy, climate change, biodiversity, global health, poverty and education – but more importantly, how we each can make a difference in addressing these challenges in our key spheres of influence – individually, as well as in our families, community, business and government.

There is no charge to attend, however, those interested are encouraged to register early at the  St James Centre on 01753-883311, as there will only be limited places available for the evening.   We look forward to joining with you in this celebration.

This is not just a launch for the book it is a serious attempt to highlight the scale of the global issues we are facing todayand achieve change. The website www.Plan-for-the-planet.com enables you to download a Plan for the Planet overview and templates so you can build your own Plan for the Planet. You can then upload your plan to share with the rest of the community and read some other plans that interest you. The authors have  lots of ideas to share and build upon.