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The Relationship Awareness Conference 2011 is an opportunity for SDI practitioners to interact and share ways they are using Relationship Awareness Theory to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Conference topics allow attendees to learn how to be more effective in their delivery of Relationship Awareness concepts

On  Friday September 30, Gower Author  Donnie MacNicol, Team Animation Ltd (Bio) will be speaking along with Steve Hastie, Vice President of Professional Services, NDS Americas (Bio) on Development of Global Soft Skills for Project Managers Using the SDI at the 8am breakout session. Outline of session:

This interactive session will describe the design and delivery of a global soft skills development programme for project management professionals for NDS, a market leader for digital pay-TV solutions. The second part of the session will focus on this work and its broader application in the emerging discipline of Organisational Project Management which is being done in collaboration with a leading Business School in London. This presentation will be appropriate for any level facilitators.

Donnie MacNicol is author of the forthcoming Gower title Developing Project Leadership, part of Gower’s Advances in Project Management Series edited by Professor Darren Dalcher.