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Much has been written about leadership and team building, but there are still major gaps in thinking and research about how to engage senior stakeholders in support of an organisation’s projects. The central role of stakeholders in the successful delivery of organisational strategy is becoming increasingly recognised, as is the importance of developing a sponsor culture to support more collaborative practices within the organisation. Building, and managing, relationships with senior (upwards) stakeholders is essential for success.

Find out more from Lynda Bourne, author of the forthcoming Gower title; Advising Upwards, A Framework for Understanding and Engaging Senior Management Stakeholders who will be speaking at the following conferences this year: 

Conference Keynote: Motivate your Manager!  PMOZ  Sydney,  August, 2011 (next week)

The Academy of Management 2011 Annual Meeting http://annualmeeting.aomonline.org/2011/ San Antonio,Texas,USA.  August 2011 part of:

Stakeholder Engagement is ‘free’! The Zero Cost of Stakeholder Relationship Management 
PMO Symposium : http://pmosymposium.org/Loews Royal Pacific Resort,Orlando,Florida. November 2011

Lynda regularly bloggs at http://stakeholdermanagement.wordpress.com/