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Most companies will argue that they are already well versed in “working with others”, however the presenters of this webinar are seeing a fundamental shift taking place. They are seeing companies recognise the need to collaborate and cooperate with external parties on the more innovative and research-oriented parts of their business in order to stay competitive.

In this IAM Perspectives Webinar Gower author Donal O’Connell will define Open Innovation and discuss the challenges, players, metrics and approaches involved. He’ll also introduce an Open Innovation Tool Kit that can help IP owners get started with a successful strategy to encourage open innovation in their IP practices.

The webinar will last approximately 45 minutes followed by Q&A.

Speaker: Donal O’Connell, Managing Director at Chawton Innovation Services and former VP of R&D and Director of IP at Nokia

Date: Wednesday, August 10th at 10AM ET, 15:00h UK time, 16:00h CET

If interested, you can register for the webinar at …

Donal O’Connell is author of  Harvesting External Innovation published by Gower.

Harvesting External Innovation