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Karen E. Klein is a Los Angeles-based writer who covers entrepreneurship and small-business issues. She features advice from experts in her twice-weekly ‘Smart Answers’ columns in Businessweek. In December she featured Gower author Daphne Halkias on her book Father-Daughter Succession in Family Business: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
Father-Daughter Succession in Family BusinessIn the Column, Klein points out that family-owned companies account for 80 percent of all businesses worldwide, and about one-third of them are owned by women. Although recent research and census data shows that daughters and wives are increasingly taking over family businesses, few studies have been done on the process.Daphne Halkias is a social science researcher at Cornell University and senior research fellow at the Center for Young & Family Enterprise at the University of Bergamo in Italy, and is seeking to address this in her new book.

With more women taking over family-owned companies, the handover isn’t always smooth, Halkias seeks to illuminate the process of father-daughter succession around the globe and find ways to encourage it.  Edited excerpts of their conversation are featured in Klein’s Column.
Daphne Halkias is also editor of Female Immigrant Entrepreneurs, and has a number of forthcoming titles at Gower.