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When Were You Last Misled?

  • By someone at work, promising help but failing to deliver; saying they were too busy to help you; promising to achieve a sales figure which they subsequently failed to make? They would all fit our definition.
  • Accidentally by a stranger you asked for directions? That too would fit – MisLeadership doesn’t have to be on purpose.
  • Deliberately by a tennis opponent disguising a drop shot, or card player fooling you into thinking they did not have the King of Spades? That would be misleading but is all part of the false situation of a game. Should it come under the MisLeadership umbrella?
  • Exploitatively, by someone selling you a house knowing it regularly floods? Now that would fit anyone’s definition – or would it? Perhaps it is a case of ‘caveat emptor’ – let the buyer beware.
  • Negligently by someone who forgot to warn you the petrol tank was almost empty? That is a tricky one. They presumably didn’t do it on purpose and perhaps it was your responsibility to check.

Intrigued?  Read the introduction from John Rayment and Jonathan Smith’s ‘MisLeadership‘ here: http://bit.ly/yfS8yP