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We are indebted to David West whose blogging activity and subsequent reseach offer some tangible data to answer this question. David seems convinced that the answer is ‘yes’ and there are also sustantial tangential benefits: “And the really big thing to notice is the effect that learning to add pages as well as posts and make links really does fire things up. Learn how to use WordPress or whatever blogging platform you are using. It does help!” To which, I’d add a comment from Wharton’s Professor Jerry Wind in an article about the future of advertising: “Even with no clicks, online display advertisements can generate a substantial lift in site visitation, search queries and boost both online and offline sales.” I think there is reasonable evidence to suggest that visibility – whether in terms of adverts, blogs or other online media – drives the old advertising process that leads to sales: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

David West is author of Project Sponsorship: An Essential Guide for Those Sponsoring Projects Within Their Organizations.