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You are invited to join Aite Group’s webinar, by Gower author Enrico Camerinelli,  on Supply Chain Finance: Best Practices, on Tuesday, April 3 at 11:00 a.m. ET. 
As companies increasingly operate their supply chains globally, many seek new ways to manage the flow of funds through the supply chain. As such, supply chain finance (SCF) should refer to the financial approaches and instruments that optimize the transactions, working capital, and costs of all supply chain processes, from product design to after-sales management and through procurement, manufacturing, warehouse management, and distribution. True SCF software vendors are those developing and commercializing application suites that apply to the entirety of these processes-not solely to the buyer/supplier portion.This webinar will explore the following: 

– Best practices in SCF
– What supply chain finance vendors should offer to help companies achieve their goals 
– How to choose the right vendor 

Cost:  Free to subscribers of Aite Group’s Wholesale Banking segment and those that purchased part one or part two of Aite Group’s report, Supply Chain Finance Software Vendors; $250 for non-clients. If you wish to register please click here.

Enrico is the author of Measuring the Value of the Supply Chain.