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David Hillson makes some very sensible observations in his article in the November issue of PM World Journal: One Size of Risk Process Doesn’t Fit All Projects and he offers some useful pointers as to exactly what you might scale up or down according to the size and type of project you are running. This article is well worth reading if you’re just starting out in project management and wondering how to risk manage in the absence of exact, qualitative, data or (at the other end of the scale) are wondering how to assess when too much risk management may be of itself a risk to project progress and achievement. David Hillson is author of Managing Risk in Projects, A Short Guide to Risk Appetite, Exploiting Future Uncertainty, Managing Group Risk Attitude and Understanding and Managing Risk Attitude.
 Exploiting Future UncertaintyA Short Guide to Risk AppetiteUnderstanding and Managing Risk AttitudeManaging Group Risk Attitude