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John Smythe is facilitating an event sponsored by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills on the19th November under the aegis of their Engage for Success Cross Cultures Sub Group. Engaging Internationally – Emerging Best Practice and Principles is a free afternoon event that offers the opportunity to:

“Hear about business challenges and best practice from business and industry thought leaders, actively contribute to the discussion and share best practice.

Participate in a fast moving world café style exercise that will identify employee engagement practices that are applicable across the world and those that are truly local or regional.

You will also be provided access to a DIY workshop guide to help you explore whether the four Engage for Success drivers of engagement are applicable in cultures outside the UK.

And you will enjoy fantastic networking with other practitioners dedicated to building engagement in different countries.”

It’s not often you get the chance to hear from and work with a group of internal communications specialists including people of the calibre of John Smythe. Follow the link above to find out more and sign up.

John Smythe is author of The CEO: Chief Engagement Officer and the recently published follow-up The Velvet Revolution at Work.