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Gower author, Phil Driver is CEO of OpenStrategies PRUB strategy system, which offers a different way of doing strategy.

Merron Simpson has been involved with OpenStrategies for around 5 years and believes it is quite possibly the best strategy system in the world.

It adopts a purposely simple logical path and plain language that allows many stakeholders to share, understand and own strategies in common, so that they can integrate not just their high level ambitions, but also what they do, effectively. It offers a dynamic strategic planning process so it can be added to and altered as the circumstances change, in real time.

More information about OpenStrategies, what it does and how it can help you, can be found on Merron’s blog http://www.newrealities.co.uk/blog

Merron Simpson is Director of New Realities Limited and an Approved Practitioner for OpenStrategies.

The new book, Validating Stategies by Phil Driver, CEO of OpenStrategies, has just been published by Gower.