How do you make sure a successful bid isn’t just a one-hit wonder?


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Create a Rebid File

It is worth creating a rebid file at the very start of the contract, perhaps as a standard part of the phase in or start-up procedures you may have in the business for new contracts. This may be a paper file as well as a computer file, it may be held within the contract’s files or on a central business server system. Over time the wider business might set up a standardized process of including specific sub-files that are there to capture and organize specific types of information. If not, at least have somewhere to put in all early information that may be of use later even if it is not fully organized. The file and information within it can be organized later.

One issue that can be faced by incumbents at rebid is that historical information from the whole period of the contract is difficult or impossible to find. Contract Managers may have changed during the contract, the divisional structure of the business may have been realigned or the way the business collects and stores information may have changed – perhaps several times over a longer contract. Having a single place where all relevant information, that will be of use for the rebid from the whole period of the contract, is held and where information is regularly and deliberately put by those running the contract so that it is not lost, or obscured in a plethora of other files will give a source of consistent information that will be invaluable at the rebid.

Some of the information to put into the rebid file will include:

  • The original bid.
  • Key information from the implementation of the contract.
  • Performance information (for instance copies of monthly performance reports).
  • Any added value initiatives.
  • Any positive customer comments or publicity about the contract.
  • Updates to risk registers.
  • Health and Safety or quality reviews undertaken on a regular basis.

Source: Winning Your Rebid, Nigel Thacker, Gower Publishing, Farnham, 2012

Read Nigel’s complete text online at and post your own ideas, techniques and advice.


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