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In their new book Dr Harald S. Harung and Dr Fredrick Travis say:

Look inside and read 20% of this book“Find a comfortable chair and begin an exploration of how you can take control of your success, and begin to aim high in life. You can easily learn to develop the basic factor that has been found in world-class performers.”

Excellence Through Mind-Brain Development overview:

  • The typical human being has an extensive developmental potential. This potential exists because we have not unfolded our deepest mental levels.
  • The Unified Theory of Performance, presented in this book, states that higher mind-brain development forms the basis of higher performance in all professions and fields of human activity.
  • This theory has four dimensions: Level of brain functioning, individual psychology, frequency of peak experiences, and the development of the social context of performance (the organizations and society in which we operate). Peak experiences are the most happy and fulfilling moments in life.
  • The four dimensions act synergistically and translate themselves into higher performance and higher quality of life as we turn our attention to our chosen areas of life.
  • Brain functioning lies at the basis of the two mental dimensions—psychological development and peak experiences.
  • The factors normally thought to underlie high performance—education, age, practice and work experience, and incentives—have little or no effect on mind-brain development and therefore on the level of performance.
  • Today, mind-brain development is found to freeze in the early twenties, because society normally does not provide the necessary experiences that foster growth beyond the genetically programmed development between birth and 20–25 years.
  • Higher psychological development forms the basis of temporary peak performance in narrow domains, e.g., in management or a science. In contrast, lasting peak experiences provide the potential for sustained world-class performance in a wide range of human activities.
  • There are many techniques for exploring inner psychology. They have different procedures and results in different brain wave patterns, and so have different benefits for practical life. In general, the more focused a mental method is, the more restricted will be its effect.
  • The Transcendental Meditation technique provides a systematic and effortless procedure for enlivening Transcendental Consciousness—the most fundamental and expanded mental level. Transcending simultaneously develops all four dimensions underlying performance, as well as the performance itself, as shown by research.
  • By developing higher mind-brain maturation in a sufficient number of individuals it should be possible to eliminate many of the problems plaguing today’s society and instead create widespread excellence and happiness.