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Our expert and specialist authors run blogs giving tips and advice here is a list of blogs by author surname.

Alder, Ann – Pattern Making, Pattern Breaking

Barrow, Simon – Employer Brand thoughts

Bettridge, Neela and  Whiteley, Philip- Sustainable Success in the economy

Birch, David – digital Identity

Bourne, Lynda – Stakeholder Management

Buzan, Tony – Mind Maps

Cooper, Cary – series editor Psychological and Behavioural Aspects of Risk

Carroll, Donal – Managing Value in Organisations

Clutter, David-HR and Management (Beyond Spaces)

Davidson, Christ – Transactional Analysis (Working Together)

Fawkes, Steven – Only Eleven Per Cent – energy efficiency and energy efficiency financing

Goodman, Elisabeth – Enhancing team effectiveness through process improvement, knowledge management and change management

Fearne, Andrew – Value Chain Thinking (food industry)

Haimowitz, Ira – digital and healthcare communications – tweets. 

Haimowitz, Ira – Healthcare Relationship Marketing

Harrin, Elizabeth and Peplow, Phil – Customer-Centric Project Management

Hillson, David – Risk attitude webinar

Hopkinson, Martin – The Project Risk Maturity Model

Johnson, Mark- The Risk Management Group

Johnson, Dr Nicola F. – Academic Treatise

Jones, Phil – Communicating Strategy

Jones, Phil – Strategy Mapping for Learning Organizations

Kelly, Peter – The Self as Enterprise Tumblr page

Lake, Andy- Flexibility-New Ways of Working

Lambert, Jane – NIPC Law (IP or Technology Law)

Lloyd Gary – Business Leadership for IT Projects

Long, Douglas G – Third Generation Leadership and the Locus of Control

McEwan, Anne Marie – Smart Working Specialist

McManners, Peter – A focus on Sustainability

Minogue, Richard – Ethical Integrity Ensured (anti-Fraud)

Mowles, Chris – reflexivepractice

Mountain, Anita – Transactional Analysis (Working Together)

Nikitina-de Besten, Olga – Designing for 21st Century

Nikitina-de Besten, Olga – Social Science Research Network Papers

Park, Greg – Collaborative Wisdom (bananaskinleadership)

Pearson, Gordon – Rise and Fall of Management

Pullan, Penny – Making Project Work

Rayment, John – Misleadership

Remoreras, Glen – Building a brand for It (Cloud Computing)

Reynolds, Larry – Developing Authentic Business Leaders

Roberts, Dale and Pakkiri, Rooven – Decision Maker

Ruiz, Raimundo – Strategic Innovation

Sparrow, Jane – Engagement and Leadership

Taylor, Peter – The Lazy Project Manager

Thuraisingham, Meena – The Capable Leader

Trim. Peter and Upton, David – Cyber Security Culture-Simulation

Umbach, Gunter – Healthcare Marketing Specialist

West, David – Project Sponsorship

Willcock, David – Collaborating for Results

Wright, Marc – Internal Communication

1 thought on “Author blogs”

  1. umbachpartner said:

    The Art of Turning Science into Sales: An Interview with Faculty Member Dr. Günter Umbach, author of “Successfully Marketing Clinical Trial Results: Winning in the Healthcare Business”

    Embark on an Exciting Journey

    How you can realise the true medical and commercial
    potential of medical research results: Questions and Answers

    Which chance for revenue is often missed by pharmaceutical companies?

    Pharmaceutical companies spend huge amounts of money conducting clinical trials. However, the trial results often remain in the shadows. As a result, companies fail to get a decent return on their investment.

    Why don’t companies exploit this golden business opportunity?

    There are two main ways that this opportunity slips through their fingers.
    Some companies fail to recognise clinical trials as part of the value chain. Other companies are simply untrained in realising the full impact of trials on revenue.

    What is the typical interaction between medical and marketing professionals?

    Many medical professionals feel they have accomplished their mission when the clinical trial is completed on time and on budget. They write their study report and that’s the end of it. The marketing professionals receive an extensive study report replete with hundreds of tables – without any further explanations. They do not have the time and expertise to analyse the marketing prospects of this bounty of scientific data.

    Who should be responsible for marketing clinical trials?

    The marketing and medical marketing professionals including medical advisors hold the keys to unlock the wealth of their company’s under-utilised research data. By assuming leadership they will soon realise the power and the excitement that comes with taking responsibility for communicating clinical trial results.

    How cost-effective is the marketing of clinical trials?

    It is a very cost-effective way to drive product sales because you can capitalise on the groundwork the medical department has already laid out. I never understood why some companies balk at the idea of spending the extra money for an appropriate marketing campaign after having spent so much money on conducting the trial. Marketing trials should be an integral part of life cycle management since they yield a very lucrative return on their investment.

    Where can you learn to tap into the full commercial value of trials?

    The topic of how to mastermind and implement a winning marketing strategy for clinical trials is barely covered in most marketing seminars.
    So it is mostly learning by doing – an odyssey to acquire the necessary skills. A workshop providing tools and tips would be useful for kick-starting the process, thus enabling companies to take full advantage of their medical research data.

    What is your final recommendation?

    Start shedding more light onto your scientific data. Move out of your comfort zone and start to benefit from your existing trial results!

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