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Strategic HR Review said it is a detailed and informative read...for multi-unit managers looking to improve

Chris Edger’s Effective Multi-Unit Leadership is discussed in the recommended reading section of Strategic HR Review. Strategic HR Review Vol 12 No3 2013, concluding that this book is a detailed and informative read that can be broken into units of learning enabling multi-unit leaders to improve their skills.


Shan Preddy’s book, How to Run a Successful Design Business has just featured in the January 2012 issue of Computer Arts with extremely positive feedback; well done Shan.

‘…The basic premise is: the more you know about business, the more you’ll be able to understand your clients. With such a specific topic and sparse use of imagery, the tone and immediacy of message is all-important and Preddy has worked with all types of professionals in the design sector, delivering detailed, valuable chapters that reflect these varied points of view.”

this link: How to Run a Successful Design Business to find out more.

Complex Adaptive Leadership “…this book is actually a startlingly worthwhile read for a business manager keen to develop a practical understanding of different strategies with which to engage subordinates. It is very clearly laid out, contains useful summaries at the end of every chapter and section, and includes exercises to stimulate thinking and embed concepts. Despite the implication of the book’s title, the message of the book is well argued and simple to grasp.” read the full review in Integral Leadership Review at 


Bid Writing for Project Managers

Bid Writing for Project Managers

by David Cleden – ‘In summary, this book is a vital resource for serious bid-writers which is likely to make a significant impact on the overall quality of any future bid writing ventures’ Full review at

Transforming Goverment Book CoverTransforming Public Services by Stephen Jenner – ‘This book is for all those approaching portfolio management, either fresh, or with a fresh pair of eyes, whether in the public or private sectors. Every manager, from project to portfolio, can gain from reading this book, and apply principles that will provide benefit and transform your projects.’  Full review at:


A Short Guide to Facilitating Risk Management

A Short Guide to Facilitating Risk Management is for all those who need to make sound decisions in important but risky situations; people who work with groups to identify, prioritize and respond to risks, and who wish to deliver value. This NEW book by Penny Pullan and Ruth Murray-Webster has just received its first review.

Female Immigrant Entrepreneurs is important book written by a team of researchers based in prestigious business schools and universities on almost every continent.  Here are some comments about the book:

“This pioneering, truly global collection of fieldwork-based studies fills a very significant gap in the literature on immigrant entrepreneurship…  Not only has the role of female entrepreneurs been largely neglected in this literature; the range of cases examined has been extremely narrow. The volume delivers a wealth of empirical evidence on how female immigrant entrepreneurs actually start and operate small businesses, and how their activities contribute more broadly to immigrant economic incorporation. This book is a model of research in comparative immigration studies.” – Dr Wayne Cornelius, Co-Director, University of California Global Health Institute; Director Emeritus, Center for Comparative Immigration Studies,University of California-San Diego, USA.

“This book engages in the debate on the role of female entrepreneurs in immigrant communities by discovering the determinants and the way through which female driven business start-ups emerge in adverse environments.  Based on the findings of the Female Immigrant Entrepreneurship Project, it is a treasure trove of thoroughly researched and prominently recounted stories on the role of women entrepreneurs in immigrant communities of more than fifteen countries. It offers an invaluable perspective on the multifaceted and complex phenomenon of female immigrant entrepreneurship.” – Prof. Lucio Cassia, Professor of Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship and Director of CYFE – Center for Young and Family Enterprise, University of Bergamo, Italy.

“What are we learning from the numerous global crises? The world needs a new way of doing business in a more conscious, inclusive and harmonious way. Female energy is changing our one world for the better. This book provides powerful stories how female immigrant entrepreneurs are leading the way.” – Jürgen Nagler, Business4Good, consultant of the United Nations Development   Programme (UNDP)

“As women entrepreneurs in general are becoming an increasingly important driver of business and economic activity, the immigrants amongst them encounter an immense degree of adversity on the road to social and economic credibility. This volume is rich in examples of the diverse environments that these female immigrant entrepreneurs face and fills a huge gap in the study of global entrepreneurship. It’s a must read for those interested not only in entrepreneurship, but also in the eternal struggle of groups bravely encountering disadvantages.”  – Dr Peter E. Koveos, Editor, Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, Professor and Chair, Kiebach Chair in International Business, Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University, USA.

Integrated Cost-Schedule Risk AnalysisReviews for David Hulett’s latest book Integrated Cost-Schedule Risk Analysis published June 2011: ‘Hulett … describes how one can (and really should) develop risk models that consider both cost and schedule and, more importantly, the interaction between the two. It is to be hoped that Hulett’s approach will be adopted, no doubt adapted to suit each individual practitioner, to produce more realistic (let us not say ‘accurate’) projections of project outcomes – to set more achievable targets and to point towards more effective risk mitigation actions.’  Philip Rawlings, Director, Euro Log Ltd

‘Why then do so many of us ignore this monumental testament to the success of statistics, modeling and simulation? I ask this because in this book David gives us an effective approach and all the tools we need… to improve our cost and schedule estimates, which will increase the chance for success in our projects. Once armed with the tools and techniques necessary we can all improve. We can never know the “unknowable” … the future will always be uncertain, but we can surely decrease the cone of uncertainty to a manageable level.’ Charles Bosler, Chairman of the Risk Management SIG ( and President of RiskTrak International

‘For a book which tackles a complex subject with breadth, insight and novelty – it’s remarkable that it is also a really good read.’… read this review and see what others have said about the books in the Advances in Project Management Series

…an excellent bridge between PM theory and practical ways to reach organizational goals using program management. This is truly brilliant!’…see this reviewer’s comments and read others for the Fundamentals of Project Management Series.

Bryan Hopkins’ title Cultural Differences and Improving Performance has been reviewed for us by Peter Van Gelder from Dialogin – The Delta Intercultural Academy. See what Peter thought of this title here

If you are interested in David Hulet’s Practical Schedule Risk Analysis this review in PM World Today gives an independent overview with highlights, shortfalls and who should benefit sections.

                                                                                                                                                                                   Premium by Design, already has 24 outstanding reviews from all around the world. Endorsements from CEOs, MD’s, Presidents and business leaders from the fashion, travel, fragrance, interiors, car manufacturer and marketing industries make up the eclectic mix. Do take a look.  Premium by Design Endorsements

Project-Oriented Leadership…massively authoritative, and so carefully written that a couple of hours spent in its 89 pages may pay huge dividends compared to the more expansive, easy reading style of other management books.’ See the full independent review here  

                                                                                                                                                                                 Project Risk Maturity Model There’s an excellent example of multi-pass project modelling/analysis and I cheered inwardly as he explained how common but flawed practices should be scored…many assessment frameworks are let down by rather vague questions that require rather subjective answers. The guidance in this book goes a long way to solving that problem for the assessment framework presented….. [Matthew Leitch is a risk control expert and former Big 4 auditor]

Project SponsorshipProject Sponsorship is one of the least well understood and enacted roles in the whole change management structures of organisations, whether Public or Private sector. David’s book is well-structured and absolutely packed with detailed material on everything a Programme Manager, Project Manager or Programme Director would need to know how to do, or supervise happening. If you are a first time Project Sponsor with little experience in any of the previously stated roles, then this book will fill many of the gaps in education and experience… [Jill Dann has written four books on Emotional Intelligence, developed entrepreneurship programmes, lead large teams of consultants and written/assessed for Ashridge Business School for over 10 years]

Training for Project Management, Volume 1: Skills and PrinciplesEven if students have completed management skills training before, the exercises are highly relevant to project teams as they are designed to bond the team and start members working together in a positive and constructive way…..As a project manager I would find the material particularly useful in the early stages of forming a project team, to assist in building relationships between members and setting early standards for the group… [Dave Sawyer is a professional project manager, working for a department within the Home Office since 1995]



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