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Gower Publishing will exhibit our wide range of project management books at this years IRNOP Research Conference  June 19-22, 2011. Montréal, Canada.  The University of Quebec at Montreal Project Management Research Chair will host the conference on the theme “The Expanding Domain of Project Research”. The conference will gather scholars from all over the world having a common interest in projects, project organisations, and temporary systems.

The International Research Network on Organising by Projects (IRNOP) was founded in 1993 as a loosely coupled community of researchers. Since then, it has developed into a vibrant worldwide research network (www.irnop.org). IRNOP 2011 is the 10th biannual conference.

The academic literature in the field of project management has expanded significantly over the two decades since IRNOP was founded. Noteworthy signs include the addition of new international academic journals (e.g., International Journal of Managing Projects in Business and International Journal of Project Organisation and Management) and the integration of the field of project management within the European Academy of Management. The domain of project research has expanded to embrace a wider spectrum of theoretical perspectives. The conference theme is broad enough to welcome papers, round-table or workshop themes and student posters presenting and discussing, including but not restricted to, the following topics:

  • Project governance
  • Strategy and project management
  • Project portfolios and programmes
  • People and working in projects
  • The interplay between projects and (semi-) permanent organisations
  • Project marketing
  • Innovation through projects
  • Managing complexity and risk in projects
  • Global projects and cultural issues
  • Sustainability and projects
  • Projects in non-traditional settings
  • Future research – where do we go from here?

For further information, contact the conference committee at IRNOP2011@uqam.ca.